Green olive oil saves the heart

Two substances with medicinal value

Green olive oil saves the heart

Shield protection of human health and the cardiovascular system offers elaiasini and elaiokanthali, substances detected in the good green olive oil of Messinia

After four years of research and having studied many factors affecting oil quality and content of the contents of bioactive substances, researchers at the Department of Pharmacy, University of Athens, led by Assistant Professor Prokopis Magiatis, discover the top oil samples from all over Greece.

Choosing the optimal range, the optimal time of collection and the best methods of harvesting and oil production reached the highest level so far in two pharmaceutical substances with high interest, elaiasini and elaiokanthali.

With values, summed over the two substances touch the 700 mg per kilogram of oil, good green olive oil of Messinia displaying up to 5 times greater concentration than normal good quality extra virgin olive oils of the Greek market.

The elaiasini is the strongest antioxidant contained in olive oil, while elaiokanthali is a substance which has been assigned inflammatory and neuro-protective properties.

Many researchers worldwide believe that the positive effect of the oil on the cardiovascular system and longevity associated with the daily intake of low doses of substances that combine antioxidant with anti-inflammatory action. It is worth mentioning that these two substances are not found in any other food source and the unique uptake by humans is the extra virgin olive oil. No other oil or refined vegetable oil or even olive oil can provide us with these ingredients.

The way we recognize their existence in the oil is relatively simple: the moment of swallowing a slightly bitter taste in the back of the mouth and a slight burning sensation in the throat are the best proof.

With the seal now study at the University of Athens, Messinia green olive oil can certainly be included among the first Greek olive oils will have the privilege to state on their labels that protect against the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, providing a shield of protection to human health.

The new European Union regulations, which govern the question of to label the properties of the oil, it will definitely be an incentive to produce higher quality oils and increased health protective action that is sure to have at least twice the price of plain extra virgin.

Moreover, as revealed  Professor Prokopis Magiatis soon going to launch large clinical study on the influence of Greek oil on human health. Collaboration with the University of Athens and the University of California aims to provide specially selected olive oil in healthy volunteers Americans, not hitherto used olive oil in their diet and uncover the secrets of good Greek olive oil and how it can shield our health.

“The high quality of research being done in the country can be a powerful factor in promotion of the products of the Greek land and help the Greek farmers in difficult times.”

source: articles of Peter Tsonis in “Ethnos” newspaper


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