AvaxTrade is a fully integrated Trading Agency based in Greece

We are specialists in

  •  Promoting high quality Greek products
  •  Creating opportunities to overseas markets
  •  Providing a great range of trading services to international buyers
  •  Consulting international suppliers and agents on how to best exploit the Greek market

By fully understanding customer needs, in a wide range of market sectors, we maximize profits and provide a commercially viable range of merchandise, at competitive prices.
Keeping up to date with market trends and reacting to changes in demand and supply, selects always the most appropriate goods and services on the basis of price, quality, delivery times and services support.

We work with professional specialists in fields of food technology, agriculture science, analytical chemistry, engineering and quality management.

Many years of experience in management, marketing, law and finance ensure that AvaxTrade has the ability to provide always appropriate and effective solutions for every commercial demand.

As the international trading dimension being crucial, AvaxTrade is linked to powerful global networks.

We aim to

  •  expand the network of buyers and suppliers,
  •  improve the product availability
  •  provide quality services,

Our core principle is to built customer relationships based on mutual consistency, trust and confidence.Every mission ends when there’s total satisfaction of the client.


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