The products that AvaxTrade buy and sell, include but not limited to the following list.
AvaxTrade will search and find any kind of commodity you are looking for.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Herbs/ Spices / Seasonings/ Condiments
Wheat/Rice/ Corn /Oats
Fruit Products/ Vegetable Products

Food and beverages

Drinking Water/ Soft Drinks/ Alcoholic Beverages
Canned Food/ Snacks/ Baked Goods
Honey/ Honey Products

Dairy Products

Greek Feta/ Hard cheese/ Pecorino/ Processed Cheese

Meat Products

Sausages/ Cold Cuts/ Wild boar Kavourmas/ Hand-made delicatessen products

Beef and Calf

Fresh quarters/ Fresh primal cuts bone-in/ Fresh primal cut boneless
Frozen quarters/ Frozen primal cuts/ bone-in/ Frozen primal cut boneless

Sheep and Lamb

Fresh Carcasses/ Fresh cuts
Frozen carcasses/ Frozen cuts
Building construction materials

Ceramic floor tiles, door and window frames, adhesives, enhancers, paints

General merchandise

Electronics / Electricals /Clothing/ Textiles/ Accessories


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