AvaxTrade acts as international trade intermediary but provides also personalized services to local and international clients

For Suppliers

Conduct research in new markets, wholesalers, buyers
Market size and demands, competitors, pricing, placement, specifications compliance
Representation office establishment
After sales services and brand image issues

For Buyers

Conduct research for new products, suppliers, producers
Supplier’s facility inspection, sample collection, product sourcing and quality control
Stock control, warehousing and flow of raw materials

For Buyers and Suppliers

Undertakes the whole deal negotiation for sale or buy

Consulting on contracts and invoices according different country’s laws
Informing for procedures needed from government trade organizations
Advising documentation preparation to meet customs and insurance requirements ?
Providing information for relevant legislation, political situations and other factors that could affect the deal

Check packing specifications, and compliance with overseas countries’ regulations and fiscal regimes
Investigate shipment routes depending on climate, terrain, weight, cost and nature of goods.
Collecting and time limited warehousing of goods

Organizing exhibition participation, presentations and promotional events
Arrangements for travels and meetings
Translation and interpretation
Shopping and sightseeing guide


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